Make your fortune with European roulette

The European roulette is the most common variant. Furthermore, it is not called European roulette, but simply roulette. For many players, it is the only version of the game they have played. In a casino, both live and online, you often find yourself faced with two possibilities of playing Roulette: the European one and the American one. Let’s find out why most players prefer the European version over the American one. For most casino players, regardless of live or online version, Roulette is by definition “The Game”. You can browse this site for the live or online version.

How to play

In European Roulette, bets are placed in the relevant area on the game table, next to the roulette wheel. The small ball is thrown by the dealer into the wheel and it begins to spin. Once the ball stops, it is deposited in one of the appropriate numbered spaces (the boxes).

At that point, those who guessed the number corresponding to the section where the sphere stopped will be paid. And collecting the money you are owed from the winnings will be very simple. The croupier himself will quickly calculate the winnings and pay the due.

Advantages of European Roulette

As people have seen, European Roulette is player friendly having one less box than the American one. There is no need to tell you to stay away from the American version of the game.

According to this rule, if the ball lands on zero you will have the possibility to move half of your bet on simple chances to the next spin of roulette. This rule significantly reduces the house advantage over the player. So the European version is undoubtedly the only one to consider.

Roulette tricks

A small extremely useful list:

To win small amounts consistently, the best choice is to bet on outside bets such as red / black, odd / even, high / low. These bets have a probability of success close to 50%, which is the highest that can be found in a roulette game. The payout is even money, but you can slowly build good winnings.

Bet on even money bets, only in a single spin. Of all the possible roulette strategies, this is the best because it is the safest.

Use a betting system like Martingale can be. This system involves doubling the value of your bet every time you lose, as long as you manage to win. It is a system that exposes you to the risk of getting to bet large sums, but if you win it gives you the possibility to recover the losses suffered. The system is in fact progressive, and can also make you risk reaching the betting limit set for the table without actually having reached the goal. So use the system wisely and judiciously, without overdoing it. If needed, the serious player knows when to quit.

Consider in your strategies, the budget you have available and make small bets in order to stay longer in the game.

Try the online casino betting strategies that have selected for you!

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